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YGO Pairings - Yet Another Icon Contest Community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
YGO Pairings - Yet Another Icon Contest Community


This was obviously inspired by all of the Yuugioh communities out there dedicated to contests for icon makers. I suppose you can never really have too many communities dedicated to icon making ^_~ Not when there are people that enjoy icon making. Though, I started wondering what communities have not been made. That's when I realized that there are communities dedicated to certain characters or pairings, but not contests for icon making. So, I thought, why not? Of course, this is a yaoi-yuri-het friendly community. If you do not like one or the other, do not let that influence your judgement and no bashing of any pairings or icon making will be tolerated. None. You will be banned if you bash an icon or yaoi/yuri/het pairings. It is unecessary and there are communities just for that. Go there, if you would like to insult someone, not here. I'd like to keep this as a friendly community ^_^ All main rules can be found here. If anything is changed, I will notify the members through a post.


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Thanks to this community, I learned how to make a better layout for free accounts - so credit paid where it's due. Unfortunately, firefox shows it a little odd and I'm not quite sure how to fix that yet ^_^;; Plus, this was made for Firefox, so it might show odd/strangely on IE - not quite sure how to fix that yet ~_~;
The original styled layout was by Fmdjgirl. I used those codes to learn how to make a layout while learning what did what for free accounts. Besides divine_designs, you can also see more of her layouts at _premadelayouts

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Announcement-type [ Tuesday
01 Aug 2006|03:35pm

June 06 the OTP theme started.

I moved on June 28th, however, I still am "moving" as it were, as my family and I have not yet found a place to stay. Point being, my computer is still boxed up and stored away and thus this community has appeared "dead" for almost two months.

Feel free to submit or post your opinions here on if when I do return if I should still keep this community open, or let it die with this theme's winners.
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Reminder - again? ^^; [ Thursday
22 Jun 2006|10:26pm

[ mood | hot ]

Still 6 entries since Saturday. *prod prod* C'mon out there, I know more of you have got ideas for an OT3 icon!

@_@ [ Saturday
17 Jun 2006|07:50pm

[ mood | rushed ]

Already late, so I'll close this possibly Monday - if we can get more than 5 submissions in ^____^ We have 5, but I would like more.


Submit here!?

*Sings* Anyone out there? [ Monday
12 Jun 2006|06:16pm

[ mood | hungry ]

Anyone at all? 9.9 Four days left to put your icon in here~

Fine. YOU win. [ Wednesday
07 Jun 2006|08:30pm

Theme 22 no longer exists.

Theme 23 is as follows. If I have to close down this theme as well, I will close down the community. If I have to constantly extend or (most recently) close certain theme's, then what's the point?

Theme 23



Yes, OT3.

Do whatever you want so long as it shows a clear "OT3". Instead of just two characters (or, in some cases, character and object), you may use 3.

Favourite. Next favourite.

Represent your OT3 well.

You may submit up to 3 icons.

They will be due (to this entry) by June 16th, 11pm central June 23rd; 11pm Central - unless either something comes up or again I am unavailable. I will be moving soon.

Good luck.
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Reminder. [ Monday
29 May 2006|02:03am

[ mood | headachey ]

Again, you may submit up to 3 icons per person! THREE. Make sure it's a pairing that fits to the them (this one is lyrical) and submit it/them here with icon AND the link to the icon.

It has been up since the 8th. Does anyone WANT this community to stay open anymore? X_x I know there's not a lot of participants so a lot of repeat winners, but I keep promoting and this is what we have until/unless more people PARTICIPATE.

The icons are due by Friday, June 1st at 11pm CENTRAL. That's it. No extension.


Since I'm the only active banner-maker, I'll try to get the banners made asap.

Good luck.

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*knocks on your computer* Hello? [ Tuesday
23 May 2006|02:20pm

[ mood | thirsty ]

It's disappointing that a theme has been up since May 8th and not one person has submitted an icon here. Granted, finals are here and people are wrapping up school, but still X_x Not one? Not one icon? X_x This does take the cake.

Luckily, I'm still on semi-hiatus so the theme lives on!

Theme 22 [ Monday
08 May 2006|03:24pm

[ mood | sick ]

A month and NO entries. NONE. ONE attempt (thank you), but NO entries.

CLOSED theme.

Up to 3 icons may be submitted per person.
Due - unknown. As long as it takes my computer to be fixed. Yes? Yes.

Theme: Song/Lyrical. You must use at least three consecutive lyrics from the following song.

Behold the song without the songCollapse )

^___^ I think it'll be interesting to see what comes of these lyrics. ^_~

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Winners + Semi-Hiatus [ Monday
08 May 2006|03:14pm

[ mood | nauseated ]

With my computer 'dead' and in need of being revived and limited access on the internet that I cannot make graphics on, this community is on semi-hiatus. I'm not sure how many of you really care, but yeah. I'll post a theme and you'll have as long as it takes for my computer to be fixed to do it. How's that? Plenty of time, right?

I'd like to thank everyone that continued to vote in the tiebreaker. Thanks a lot ^_^ It put a smile on my face.

Now, onto the winners of theme 21.

First Place:

by artistjosie

Second Place:

by kyatara

Most Creative:

by raspberry_moon

Best Fit to Theme:

by cruxis

Mod's Choice:

by raspberry_moon

Congratulations to all of the winners~

Tie-Breaker [ Friday
28 Apr 2006|08:02pm

Would more than two people like to participate in our tie breaker?

[ Tie Breaker ] [ Thursday
27 Apr 2006|03:31pm

[ mood | calm ]


Well, let's see. We need a tie-breaker for all fairness ^_^




Vote for your favourite of these.

Remember, do not vote for your own icon!
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Theme 21 Voting [ Tuesday
25 Apr 2006|10:31pm

Theme 21 is now closed with 6 icons.

Voting Time!Collapse )

[ Friday
21 Apr 2006|03:52am

[ mood | pissed off ]

13 voters. 34 members. That's sad, don't you think?


Being a part of a community means participation of some kind.

Also, Icons are due here by Monday.

Extended. [ Tuesday
18 Apr 2006|12:00am

This theme is extended until Monday, April 24th in hopes of getting more entries than the four we have.

Reminder [ Friday
14 Apr 2006|09:20pm

At least HALF of the members have NOT voted here. I understand it's now Spring Break or Easter Break for some, but at least some participation?

Also. Icons are due the 17th, here - so get those icons in!

[ Wednesday
12 Apr 2006|10:04pm

[ mood | disappointed ]

First off, this is a community about participation. I'm as nice as they come, so I will do another reminder and wonder if I should remove people who wish to not be here? Here's a nice and simple poll. With 33 watches, some being comm and other things and only 10 people who replied... That's not even half and enough to disappoint the moderator.

Second, don't forget to submit your 1-3 icons here.

Good luck.

Theme 21 [ Saturday
08 Apr 2006|08:21pm

Do not forget to do this. It is a must.

All icons (you may submit up to 3) are due April 17th. This gives you more than a week to do this :D Which means, plenty of icons, right? Right? ^_~

And, the theme?

True Intentions

Interpret it as you will.

Pairings of two or more that represent this theme are welcome.

Thank you.

*blinks - reminder* [ Wednesday
05 Apr 2006|03:34pm

[ mood | exhausted ]

Votes due tonight, here.

That is all.

Next theme may be up today or might just wait until Friday.

Late Theme 20 [ Saturday
01 Apr 2006|04:52am

Pick your favourite two and best fit to theme (Spring).

oo1. // oo2.

oo3. // oo4.

Sorry for lack of updates and such.


Eh, final reminder. [ Sunday
19 Mar 2006|03:44am

[ mood | exhausted ]

My own fault, mostly. With only 3 icons to the theme here and it's so late, might as well extend it.

Up to 3 icons per person - due by the 20th.

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